Gmar Chatima Tova

 “Gmar chatima tova” we say, literally meaning, “a good ending” or “may your name be inscribed in the book of life.” This the phrase with which Jewish friends, family and even total strangers greet each other at this time each year. 
So… can we talk about this? I cannot understand how we can be so selfish all year long, thinking mostly of of our own desires (as opposed to His) and then without a second thought, bid eachother “gmar chatima tova”. 
Having a good ending, being written in the Book of Life — do these things just happen because we’re “Jewish”? Or we’re “good people”?  Or because we keep the traditions our parents and grandparents always did? 
Seeeeeeek Him. Be STILL before Him. Allow Him to speak, direct our lives, show us His TRUTH. #mayeachofournamesbeinscribedinHisbook. ~Thoughts from the Negev.

  • Michael David

    Hello Rivka!

    Your comments are certainly appropriate, as I consider all the sentiments that come out of the closet  when traditional Christians celebrate Christmas, and say to one another, “peace and goodwill to you,” and others feel charitable enough to put money in the Salvation Army donation kettles at mall and store entrances.

    However, these same people can be seen in videos yelling, swearing, and even threatening people when out shopping for those they CHOOSE to extend “peace and goodwill” to.

    Selective obedience is what I call this, or can we call it “convenient obedience?” In other words, sacrifice and death to self as a daily lifestyle, or living it from one heartbeat to the next because we allow Abba’s heart to beat in us is still a rare commodity.

    What makes us truly righteous, good, or have favor with Abba? He is Love, in its purest form, which encompasses righteousness, holiness, purity, and all the power of Creation. when we long for, desire, and live out a passionate existence that emulates Him, we are on the right track.

    But as I stated above, it is a 24-7 Life principle, not an event, a place of arrival and inertia, or sitting on our blessed assurances. It takes one heartbeat and breath at a time with continuity for us to live, not a single breath or heartbeat.

    When His Love is the motivation we live by, and not our own religious (no matter how noble our sentiments may be…), personal, or ulterior desires, and we decrease that He may increase, we will know that He is Living and abiding in us, and we will bear good fruit in abundance! (John 15:5)

    Shalom and blessings,

    Michael David :-)