Get Real

Why do we always have to act like everything is perfect? We act like we’re doing great all the time and that we’re not struggling with anything. That just is not reality. It’s OKAY to have struggles people! All of us have them! And we need to be able to be transparent before one another without being judged. Mercy triumphs over judgment. Let’s stop being so judgmental —- and start getting open, honest, REAL.
~Thoughts from the Negev :)

  • deb

    This post is so excellent!  We do need more transparency with each other…along with more fervent prayer for each other.  Blessings!

  • Perfection is God, BEING perfected is us! The reason we NEED (notice I did not say NEEDED, past tense for a reason….) a Redeemer, is because our lives, our time, and the imperfect moments we live all need the touch of the Redeemer upon these things daily!

    In like manner, we care for and groom ourselves because we realize it is needful and necessary for us to do so! Otherwise, Bed-heads, Scruffians (guys with a few days growth), and bad breath, among other things, would rule the day… ;-)

    Both in the Tanakh and the New Covenant writings, the lives and follies of many are revealed, even Abraham, Moses, and the “F-Troop” (Only us 1960’s TV watchers would know this…Google it! LOL) gang known as the Disciples had their failures as well as their triumphs chronicled for posterity!

    When we are humble and transparent, our human skin that shrouds the “Heavenly Treasure” we contain KEEPS it real, just as there was a skin of animals that shrouded the Ark as the Tabernacle in the wilderness… The people on the outside saw the skin, but the glory within was kept from their eyes.

    I believe, from a Biblical point of view, that the best way to reveal the Heavenly, is to allow Messiah’s Life to live out through our humanity, just as He did in the days of His flesh on earth. We can do both, by surrendering our flesh to the leading and control by His Spirit, which we read about in Romans 12:1-2 and Ephesians 4:20-22. The mind, as part of the Soul is what arbitrates all of that…

    It was Michael Card sharing one day that from a time-related stand point, the disciples struggled in daily life to see Messiah’s Divinity, when we in this day and age from the Scriptures can see His Divinity, but struggle to see His humanity.

    Taking that cue, we must learn to live with both sides of the equation. Real does not mean sloppy or slothful. It has to do with real issues, real emotions, real laughter, sorrow, tears, joy, and the full range of expression that was created in us. Then we take all that we have, imperfect as it is, and give it to Abba to mold and shape us according to what He wills. The outcome will be glorious.

    For those who believe that you cannot reveal or confess weakness, I refer you to Proverbs 28:13…

    “He who covers (hides, conceals) his transgressions will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes (or renounces) his sins will obtain mercy.”

    Scripture tells us that “All have sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of G-d.” (Romans 3:23)

    If people do not think we have body odor, bad breath, etc., we are pretending that we are divine, when the obvious reality is evident to all. We just need to be real, and Love and appreciate what is within, and not be hung up on appearances or impressions people have about us.

    I believe it was Paul Harvey who said, “Those who matter don’t mind, and who do mind, don’t matter”…  It is an idea to consider!



    Michael David :-)